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Flexible, Reliable and Affordable QuickCheck Cryoscope

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Flexible, Reliable and Affordable QuickCheck Cryoscope photo osmometer cryoscope

QuickCheck Cryoscope. Trust the test that the dairy industry has depended upon for decades! Freezing-point determination has been the recommended method for testing adulteration of milk for more than 50 years! A practical rapid method for confirming the integrity of milk throughout the milk supply chain, the QuickCheck features streamlined, micro-processor controlled calibration and RS-232 output for output to a printer, PC or data logger. Accurate, Precise Screening for Added Water in Milk Testing for adulteration of milk in accordance with recently updated international reference methods (see ISO 5764:2002, IDF 108:2002 and AOAC), the QC-IV provides ultra-accurate results in ~90 seconds.
Flexible, Reliable and Affordable!
Confirming consistent quality by testing for extraneous water resulting from accidental or purposeful contamination is important for building brand-name recognition. Rely upon the test the industry has trusted for years: Freezing-Point! The robust, modular construction of the Model QC-IV are designed to provide you with years of care-free service. User-friendly operation ensures that real-time results are ready anytime, on demand: Confirm positives from other screening tests in accordance with the internationally recognized reference method for payment purposes. The LACTICAL™ milk-based controls and simple, intuitive procedures facilitate calibration validation as required.
Affordable Approach to Reliable, Real-Time Results
A practical approach to testing for added-water in unprocessed or processed fluid milk products, the straightforward simplicity, affordability and reliability of the QuickCheck is a sound investment:
Artisenal Cheesemakers: Many cheesemakers have to rely upon milk from unknown sources to ensure a steady supply for processing. The QuickCheck makes it easy and affordable to reliably test every incoming shipment of raw milk to ensure that you are getting the quality of product you require. Also, the QuickCheck can be used to check milk that has been standardized for processing to ensure that no added water has come in during the process.
Dairy Processors: Conforming with internationally recommended methods for testing for adulteration, the QuickCheck provides you with ultra-accurate results at an affordable price. The Amplified Performance Module also ensures that you get reliable results even when ambient temperatures rise to 35C (95F)!
Dairy Farmers: Monitor practices in your milking parlor and avoid costly mistakes or fines by testing your bulk milk tank for added water. The unique combination of user-friendly operation, stable calibration and an attractive price make the QuickCheck a worthwhile investment for today’s dairy farm.
A Purchase Decision that Pays Off!
Facilitate confirmation of adulteration using this instrument-based physical composition test that is the recognized reference method (ISO/IDF/AOAC). Provides optimal records for payment or punitive action purposes.
Accurately assess water balance to a molecular level in milk blends and recipes for value added products like cheese or yogurt. Reliable quality assurance test to standardize recipes and ensure strong yields and profitability.
Rapid screening for detection of abnormal composition (i.e. minerals such as iron, sulfites or copper) or elevated bacteria that can lead to off-tastes.
Monitor suppliers maintenance of automated milking tubing and bulk tanks; spot quality problems in raw milk due to improper drainage or maintenance in the milking parlor.

Metron Instruments, Inc.
PO Box 39325
Solon, Ohio 44139
Telephone: (216) 332-0592
Fax: (216) 274-9262

Advanced 4C3 Multi-Sample Cryoscope

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Advanced 4C3 Multi Sample Cryoscope photo osmometer cryoscope

The Advanced 4C3 multi-sample cryoscope uses the preferred freezing-point method to precisely determine the amount of extraneous water in milk, offering unique continuous throughput for maximum efficiency in large volume testing. The capacity of the 4C3 allows your lab to efficiently test and manage supplied milk in order to properly compensate producers, ensure quality products and profitable returns. The 4C3 is microprocessor controlled for simple, pushbutton operation. Extensive self-diagnostic and troubleshooting prompts keep you up and running.
Batch testing is also efficient with the 4C3; samples can be prepared in advance and loaded into sample cassettes. When ready to begin testing, an operator can load up to four sample cassettes (holding up to 40 samples) into the cryoscope, press Start and walk away. The instrument automatically tests each sample in turn and records the results; keeping your cryoscope and operator working at peak efficiency.
The Advanced 4C3 freezing-point technology complies with both the International reference and screening method, delivering precise, accurate, repeatable and reliable results. With the unique dual-stage, solid-state cooling assembly, testing can begin immediately without waiting for the instrument to cool down.
Calibration is simple, the calibration samples are loaded into the specially coded calibration cassette and calibration is automatically triggered to run unattended. The 4C3 also offers an optional barcode scanner to automate positive sample identification and eliminate test result transcription errors.

Forest Row Business Park
Forest Row
East Sussex
RH18 5DW
General Enquiries: 01342 820820
Accounts: 01342 820821
Fax: 01342 820825 / 823479
e-mail: enquiries@qclscientific.com

Noiseless Dairy Products Filling Machine Group (HB-NXG)

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Noiseless Dairy Products Filling Machine Group (HB NXG) photo other machines dairy industry machinery and equipment agriculture and food processing

Dairy Products Filling Machine Group (HB-NXG). HB-NXG equipment is mainly used for milk filling. It can conduct the filling process into different kinds of bottles on one machine and can also be used for the filling of other beverage.
The main fram machine adopts the automatic control technology of PLC and transducer with high degree of automatization.
The dynamical system is connected by transmission shaft with stable performance.
The filling principle of micro negative gravity increases the precision.
The advanced automatic lubricating system requires no manual effort and increases the life span of the machines.
The noise is low and the overall machine is easy to maintain.

Jiangsu Black Leopard Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Wuxi/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 214407
Telephone Number: 86-510-86911878
Fax Number: 86-510-86533901
Mobile: 86-13812172074

Innovative Dairy Production Line

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Innovative Dairy Production Line photo other machines dairy industry machinery and equipment agriculture and food processing

Dairy Production Line. We have vast experience in making dairy production line, disigh and made according to customers requirement.

Wenzhou Beinuo Machinery Co., Ltd.
Riyun Industrial Park,
No. 588, Road 2, Binhai Area,
Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Zip/Postal Code: 325025
Telephone Number: 86-577-86802288
Fax Number: 86-577-86802299
Mobile: 86-13587513702

Turnkey Dairy Complete Plant Solution

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Turnkey Dairy Complete Plant Solution photo other machines dairy industry machinery and equipment agriculture and food processing

Turnkey Dairy complete plant solution
Well-known manufacturor of food processing machinery
Complete plant solution:
Type: Milk powder, pasteurized milk, UHT pure milk, pasteurized, flavor milk, UHT flavor milk, acidophilus milk beverage, coagulate acidophilus milk, flavor acidophilus milk etc
Procedure of Complete plant solution
1. Information collection for Feasibility study and analysis
2. Planning and conditioning
3. Engineering design
4. Manufacture and fabrication, Plant compartment and construction design
5. Installation and commissioning, training
6. Consultation of Manufacture management, maintenance
Milk reception system
Milk pre-processing system
Milk sterilization system
Milk packageing system
Pure water treatment system
Filling and packaging system

Wenzhou Daysly Trading Co., Ltd.
No. 1835 Yong Qiang Avenue,
Sha Cheng Town, Long Wan District,
Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Zip/Postal Code: 325000
Telephone Number: 86-577-89857199
Fax Number: 86-577-89857099

Easy to operate B1 UHT Plate-type Pasteurizer

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Easy to operate B1 UHT Plate type Pasteurizer photo pasteurizers dairy industry

B1 UHT Plate-type Pasteurizer
MODEL BR0.5 BR2.5 complete plate type pasteurizes is applied for pasteurizing, ultra-pasteurizing, UHT sterilizing of dairy, juice, tea drink, beer, function drink etc, to achieve long shelf life. Various designs of single stage, double stage and multistage or their combination can be customized accordingly for deferent demands of sterilization, insulation and cooling. With advantages of small space occupation, high heat recovery efficiency, compact construction, feasibility and easy operation and maintenance, this model is widely used in all aspects. In addition, JIAID is capable of manufacturing Fully Automatic UHT sterilizer and CIP unit, which are equipped to Aseptic Filling. Suitable scope: dairy products, fruit juice, drink, juice, sauce
Shanghai Jiadi Machinery Co., Ltd.
No. 500, Chunnong Road, Huangdu Inderstry Park,
Jiading District, Shanghai, China
City/Province: Shanghai/Shanghai
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 201804
Telephone Number: 86-21-69592089
Fax Number: 86-21-69592396
Mobile: 86-15900904870

Well-Structured HTST Milk Pasteurizer

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Well Structured HTST Milk Pasteurizer photo pasteurizers dairy industry

HTST milk pasteurizers
Suitable for pasteurizing dairy products: milk, cream, yogurt, kefir, etc.
Capacity range:
MINI: 160 – 600 liter/h.
MIDI: 800-2000 liter/h
MAXI: 3000-5000 liter/h
According to Hungarian and/or EU norms, having own electric heater or steam-water heat exchangers.
Heat recuperation helps to ensure energy-saving: 90% of energy is re used.
Adapting to the requirements of the Customer, the units can be small, compact, fully-built versions, or built-on-location versions.
ZOTECHNIKA Machinery Ltd.
H-2100 Godollo, Horgaszto u.12.
Tel: +3620 944 4353
Fax: +3628 99 96 28
E-MAIL: info@zootechnika.hu

Advanced High-Yield Dairy Pasteurizer

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Advanced High Yield Dairy Pasteurizer photo pasteurizers dairy industry

Dairy Pasteurizers
A pasteurisation line intended for pasteurisation of dairy products. The pasteurisation line includes a basic pasteurisation module and may also include stand-alone modules for separation, standardisation, homogenisation, deaeration, filtration and bactofugation. Pasteuriser shall be equipped with different levels of automation systems.
Orbit Engineering & Machinary Ltd.Co.
Keresteciler Sitesi 7.Cad No:14
Phone +90 312 815 13 75 (Pbx)
Fax +90 312 815 13 77
E-Mail info@orbit.com.tr

Sterilization And Homogenization Plate Pasteurizer System

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Sterilization And Homogenization Plate Pasteurizer System photo pasteurizers dairy industry

Certification: ISO9000
Brand Name: JINRONG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Model Number: BR0.5~BR2.5
the water treatment lines used to store water.
plate pasteurizer
Sterilization And Homogenization Plate Pasteurizer System
1) Uses: pasteurizing, ultra-pasteurizing, UHT sterilization of dairy
products, juices, tea drinks, beef, others
2) Achieves a long shelf life
3) Various designs available: single stage, double stage, multi-stage,
combination, can be customized accordingly to demand
4) Small size
5) Heat efficient
6) Compact construction
7) Easy operation and maintenance
8) A multitude of use
Jiangsu Jinrong Machinery Co., Ltd.
Wukesong Road, Sanxing,
Jinfeng Town,
Zhangjiagang City,
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Zip: 215624
Mobile Phone: 86-13606221916
Fax: 86-512-58535100

Reliable and Efficient PZ106 Pasteurizer

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Reliable and Efficient PZ106 Pasteurizer photo pasteurizers dairy industry

Ullmer’s Dairy Equipment has been buying and selling used dairy processing
equipment for more than 18 years.
Pasteurizer PZ106 Pasteurizer. Dairy Equipment
Ullmer’s Dairy Equipment, Inc.
8628 N Brown County Line Rd Pulaski, WI 54162,
Zip: 54162, City: Pulaski
Province/State: WI
Country/Region: United States
Business Phone: 1-920-822-8266

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