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High Precision 6T RO Water Treatment System (RO-6000A)

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High Precision 6T RO Water Treatment System (RO 6000A) photo water treatments

6T RO Water Treatment System (RO-6000A)
The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saline water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane. It is called reverse osmosis, as it is counter to natural penetration direction. Different materials have different osmotic pressures. Larger osmotic pressure is used to separate, extract, purify and condense. The production capacity: 3T-100T

Zhangjiagang City Kono Machinery Co., Ltd.
Leyu Town, Zhangjiagang City,
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Suzhou/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 215600
Telephone Number: 86-512-56798683
Fax Number: 86-512-56798685
Mobile: 86-13862207138

Best Quality Water Treatment (HDN-1TPH)

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Best Quality Water Treatment (HDN 1TPH) photo water treatments

Water Treatment (HDN-1TPH)
We have been a premier designer&manufacturer of water treatment systems for Over 14 years and can provide engineered solutions for all your water treatment needs.
Outlet water treatment quality: In accordance with national living drinking water standard and Word Health Organization living instant-drinking water standard Advantages of our equipment:
Technical parameters:
Model: HDN-2T
Power: 2.95KW
Capacity: 2T/H
Voltage: 380V
Measurement: 2930

RO Water Purifying System (FRO-1)

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RO Water Purifying System (FRO 1) photo water treatments

RO Water Purifying System (FRO-1)
1. Imported parts over 90%
2. High operation automatization; Machine does not need to be guarded by worker, it will stop automatically when water is full and start when there is no water inside. Automatic controller washes front transitive material timely, IC microcomputer controller washes anti-penetration film automatically, raw material and pure water electrical conductivity is shown on line.
3. Producing pure water electrical conductivity≤ 10us/cm
4. Anti-penetration desalinating rate≥ 99%, whole machine desalinatiing rate≥ 97%
Comestic, Pharmaceutical, chemical industries, food, drinking water.
5. American RO low pressure film.
6. America Autotrol Auto-flush valves

Guangzhou Fuluke Cosmetics Equipment Co., Ltd.
No. 29 the Fourth Lane, Junming East Road,
Jiahe Yuan Village, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
City/Province: Guangzhou/Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Telephone Number: 86-20-23301626
Fax Number: 86-20-23301635
Mobile: 86-13609071769

Energy Saving and Low Noise Water Treatment Plant 5m3/H

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Energy Saving and Low Noise Water Treatment Plant 5m3/H photo water treatments

Water Treatment Plant 5m3/H
WTRO-5m3/H set up with excellent pre-treatment design and premium components to ensure gauranteed quality and performance. They are designed for higher recovery rates and minimum energy consumption, so that you experience greater savings with lower maintenance and operations costs.
WTRO-5m3L/H is ideal for heavy duty industrial applications with feed water ranging from 10 – 5000 TDS, Output water 2-150 TDS.
WTRO-5m3/H Widely use for producing drinking, pure water. It is the key machine for drinking or bottle water plant line.
1. PLC Controller with On/Off Switch
2. Feed Solenoid Valve with Manual Bypass
3. S. S sand, carbon filter and softener as Pre-Treatment
4. Auto dosing chemical device
5. S. S 5um Cartridge Filter Housing
6. High&Low Pressure Monitoring and Alarm
7. Multistage stainless steel ITT Pump
8. Low Energy DOW Membrane Elements
9. S. S Membrane Housings
10.98% Desalination Rate
11.75% Recovery Rate
12. Permeate and Concentrate Flow Meters
13. Concentrate Valve
14. Concentrate Flow Meter
15. Stainless steel Frame
16. Auto Flush
17. CIP Ports
18. Chemical cleaning tank
19. High&Low Pressure Switch
20. Permeate TDS Meter
21.0-300 psi Pump Pressure Gauges
22.0-160 psi Prefilter Pressure Gauges
23. Identification of Components
24. Factory Tested & Preserved
25. CE&ISO Compliant
26. Good after service
27. Detailed operate and maintenance manual
28. Green product&Small orders accepted
29. On Time Delivery
30. Wooden Crate
1. Running automaticlly and controlled by PLC
2. With washing and protect system, Plant turn–off if encounter fault
3. Energy saving and low noise, No need to heat,
4. Stable running, High desalination and recovery rate with no pollution
5. Compact in structure and save installation place
6. Easy to operate, wash RO membrane when turn on and turn off
7. Dependable performance and long life time
8. Highly-efficient, Energy Conservation, environmental protection, Low carbon

Wenzhou Hengtong Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
No. 839 8th Rd. 1st Ave.
Binhai Garden Wenzhou ECO. &TEC. Development Zone
City/Province: Wenzhou/Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 325025
Telephone Number: 86-577-86889259
Fax Number: 86-577-86889257
Mobile: 86-13989750368

High Turbidity Water Treatment System

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High Turbidity Water Treatment System photo water treatments

High Turbidity Water Treatment System is a new type of system for treating high turbid water. It can reduce mud, sands, heavy metals, organic materials and bacteria from turbid water in 3-5 seconds. You can apply it to:
1)Building small tap water plant for factories, towns and countryside. It can treat waters from river, lake and become turbid water into clean water instantly, supply clean water to people when earthquake, river flood happened or other fighting disaster activities. It also can be used for geological prospecting, petroleum prospecting and Camping.
2)Treating industrial waste water and gray water, such as: Steel Rolling Mill waste water, Printing and Dyeing Mill waste water, Tannery waste water, washing waste water, and etc. The treated water can be reused for gardening, washing car and re-process.
3)Filtering and purifying Biology Fermented Solutions, Herbs and various kinds of medicine solutions.
When you install the High Turbidity Water Treatment System on truck, trailer or jeep, it will be a Mobile Water Purification Unit.
High Turbidity Water Purifying Technology is our company’s exclusive creative technology, and it has got China Invention Patent and two China New Applicable Patents. Hence, we have been at the leading level in Turbidity Water Treatment Area in the world.
Volume small and configuration compact.
No flocculation needed.
No sediment pool needed.
Remove heavy metal and organic compound and bacteria from water.
Removing turbidity function notable. Can reduce turbid materials from several thousands NTU to 0.5 NTU.
Mobile units are available for army, geological prospecting and petroleum prospecting.
It is very useful to supply clear water to people when earthquake or flood happened.
Model: ZW-6K-TU; ZW-12K-TU; ZW-18K-TU; ZW-24K-TU; ZW-30K-TU; ZW-60K-TU
Capacity: 1MT/hr; 2MT/hr; 3MT/hr; 4MT/hr; 5MT/hr; 10MT/hr
We can also supply: 20MT/Hr, 50MT/hr, 100MT/hr, 400MT/hr and over. Details, please contact us.

Nanjing H&C Water-Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.
No. 3 Road, Lishui Economic Development Zone,
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Nanjing/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 210029
Telephone Number: 86-25-86657907
Fax Number: 86-25-86657907

Very Easy to Operate Beverage Packing Machine Model NO.: YHGZFJ-A-4

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Very Easy to Operate Beverage Packing Machine Model NO.: YHGZFJ A 4 photo packaging solutions beverage processing equipment agriculture and food processing

Beverage Packing Machine Model NO.: YHGZFJ-A-4
1. Touch screen PLC computer system.
2. Total 4 filling mouth, 4 air cylinders, sealing very tight.
3. Very easy operation.
4. The machine made by high quality stainless steel.
5. Suitable for any shapes bag packing.
Power 1.2kw
Speed 400-1300bags/hour
Air pressure 0.2-0.3m 3 /min,0.6-0.8Mpa
Capacity 50-1000ml/bag(the big volume can customize)
Voltage 220v 50Hz-60Hz
Machine size 635*560*1280(L*W*H)
Net weight 90kg
Gross weight 120kg

Cangzhou Yuhui Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
Haihe West Road, Cangzhou, Hebei, China
City/Town: Cangzhou
Province/State: Hebei
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 061000

High Precision Pulp Juice Packing Machine

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High Precision Pulp Juice Packing Machine photo packaging solutions beverage processing equipment agriculture and food processing

Pulp Juice Packing Machine
1, All stainless steel
2, CE certificate
3, Ontime delivery
4, High precise positioning servo film
5, Max speed 60 bags/min
Scope of application
1. Feeding with manual metering. Bucket chain conveyer is convenint on feeding or multi-material packing
2. This machine is featured with compact structure, stable, easy operate, convenient on repairing.
3. This machine adopts photocell control system, visual and understandable, accurate positioning, nice looking.
4. This machine can finish automatically all processes, from measuring, filling, bag making, date-printing and finished productions conveyance.
Optional Parts:
1. SCM and step motor controller
2. Electromagnetic on-off control
3. Linked bags control device
4. Date printer with ribbon coder
5. Conveyor
Suitable for measuring the powder materials. Such as milk powder and chemical powder
Packaging speed 40-60 bags/min
Bag-making size L30-130mm W 25-90mm
Filling type Screw Auger filler
Sealing type Pillow type back sealing or 3 sides or 4sides
Total power 1.2kw
Machine weight 225 kg
Machine Dimension 640*700*1580mm

Foshan Hosng Packaging Machine Co., Ltd.
West factory 95112Army Farm, Lianhe street,
East of Luo Villiage, Foshan, Guangdong, China
City/Town: Foshan
Province/State: Guangdong
Country/Region: China

Multi Track Juice Packing Machine (GH480Y-4)

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Multi Track Juice Packing Machine (GH480Y 4) photo packaging solutions beverage processing equipment agriculture and food processing

Multi Track Juice Packing Machine (GH480Y-4)
1. Rows: 4 Rows
2. Article: Liquid
3. Model: GH480Y-4
4. Measuring Range: 1-50ml/bag
5. Max film width: 480mm
6. Size of bag: L30-220mm W25-80mm
7. Capacity: 120-240bag/min
8. Control style: PLC control system + Chinese/English interface
9. Case of machine: Spray painting / Stainless steel
10. Material feeder: Pneumatic / mechanical
11. Air consumption: 0.24m3/min 0.6Mpa
12. Power: 1200W
13. Power supply: AC380V 50Hz / AC 220V 50Hz
14. Weight: N. W310kg; G. W355kg
15. Dimensions (mm): 1300*1100*1600
16. Material of bag: Paper/polyethylene; Cellophane/polyethylene; Plated aluminum/polyethylene; BOPP/polyethylene; Nylon/polyethylene
17. Sealing style: 4 sides sealing
Packaging 4 or 8 bags in one time. Measure volume, making bags, filling, sealing, printing datecode, cutting easy tearing notch. I can be used to pack the fluidity of foodstuff, chemicals, cosmetics etc. Such as shampoo, facial cream, flavor oil, fruit juice, ketchup, suace, butter and so on.

Guangzhou Huasheng Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
#300 Guanghua 2 Road, Baiyun Dist,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
City/Town: Guangzhou
Province/State: Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 510440

High Strenght Juice Packing Machine (DXD-Y900D Multi-Lane 4 Side Seals)

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High Strenght Juice Packing Machine (DXD Y900D Multi Lane 4 Side Seals) photo packaging solutions beverage processing equipment agriculture and food processing

Juice Packing Machine (DXD-Y900D Multi-Lane 4 Side Seals)
Product Name: DXD-Y900D multi-lane 4 side seals liquid packing machine ( step motor)
1. Great energy, high strength, low noise, compact conformation, stable running, easy to maintain, and have long life.
2. Roller heat-sealing, four-side sealing, high speed and multi-bag packing, and with bags coming smoothly and fine, high packing efficiency.
3. Magnetic drive pump or Hibar pump is adopted to measure the material. It is applicable to a wide using: Suitable to all of complex film packing materials.
4. Easy to adjust, precise in measurement, do step-less adjustment for the pouch length and width. It can regulate the functions as longitudinal sealing, transverse sealing, filling, notch cutting, longitudinal cutting, fracture line making, and transverse cutting through man-machine interface.
5. Accurate in page correcting, automatic counting, photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure the automatic correcting the double face printing design on the packing bags, precise in measuring.
6. It is reliable performance, convenient to operate and super automatic. A PLC is used for automatic controlling and frequency changer is for step-less speed adjusting.
It is suitable to pack liquid materials in the fields of pharmacy industry, food industry, daily industry, and agricultural industry. Such as soy sauce, peanut oil, vinegar, salad oil and juice, shampoo, tomato ketchup, fruit jam etc.

Ruian Universal Machinery Co., Ltd.
Linyang Industrial Area, Feiyun Towm,
Ruian City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
City/Province: Wenzhou/Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 325200
Telephone Number: 86-577-82671699
Fax Number: 86-577-65030065
Mobile: 86-13868892859

Juice Bottling Machine/ Machinery

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Juice Bottling Machine/ Machinery photo other machines distillery plant and equipment agriculture and food processing

Juice Bottling Machine/ Machinery
1. Direct connection technology between air conveyor and in-feeding starwheel is applied to replace in-feeding screw and conveying chain to ease bottle changing process with only to change few parts. Newly-designed bottle-separating grippers are assembled to starwheel.
2. Neck-hanging technology is applied in bottle transportation. Instead of traditional starwheel, we use neck-hanging gripper to make bottle-size-changing easily, without equipment height adjustment, only few parts need to be adjusted, juice filler
3. Specially-designed rinser grippers which are made of stainless steel are firm and endurable, with no contact to screw part of the bottle to prevent second pollution.
4. Splint of starwheel using twist descending way to simplify the process of bottle-size-changing. Only need to change arch board and starwheel, within ten minutes.
The machine applies to the production of tea, juice and functional drinks.
Our nancheng machinery is your best choose

Zhangjiagang City Nancheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tongxin Road, Zhaofeng Leyu Town, Zhangjiagang,
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Suzhou/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 215622
Telephone Number: 86-512-58527150
Fax Number: 86-512-58650797
Mobile: 86-13601566060

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