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Air To Air Heat Exchanger

Short Time Heating Systems Comments Off

Air To Air Heat Exchanger photo short time heating systems

Air To Air Heat Exchanger
Outdoor cabinet heat exchanger are mainly used for telecommunication outdoor cabinet cooling
* This series product can be widely deployed for telecom communication, power distribution, CNC machine, windmill etx industry enclosed space cooling demand
* Perfectly achieve high efficiency operation through the usage of free cooling technology. It is much more reliable, much more cheaper comparing with air conditioner solution
* The heat exchanger product eliminates dust contamination issue caused by ventilation perfectly.
* Product design feature
Completely safety protected according to UL, EN, CCC NORMS
Alarming output to monitoring system
Interchangeable and visual display service adapter
Automatic self start after power recovery
Remote control throguh RS485 COMM. PORT
Proper design for easily installation and service

Suzhou Huarui Heat Control Co., Ltd.
No. 26 Beiguandu Rd, Yuexi Town, Wuzhong Dis.,
Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Suzhou/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 261011
Telephone Number: 86-536-8361188
Fax Number: 86-536-8901819

Highly Active Plate Heat Exchanger (BR8A)

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Highly Active Plate Heat Exchanger (BR8A) photo short time heating systems

Plate Heat Exchanger (BR8A). BR, BP series plate heat exchanger is highly active equipment which is used in, present project. Its structure is compact, has a large heat echanging area, small floor area, high heat exchanging capacity adn easy to disassemble, clean and maintenance. It is applied in chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, power station, chemical fertilizer, beer industry, beverage, air conditioning, paper manufacture, medicine, biology and so on. Non-corrosive liquid should be used for heating, cooling, sterilization and heat recovery process.
There are a lot of combinations of heat exchanging area from 0.3—700m2. You can use it with automatic controller. It is suitable for the high sanitation standard industry.

Shanghai Nanhua Transducer Manufacture Co., Ltd.
9th Floor, Building 1, Changfa Mansion,
No 168, Weihai Road, Shanghai, China
City/Province: Shanghai/Shanghai
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 201415
Telephone Number: 86-21-63275151
Fax Number: 86-21-63586801
Mobile: 86-13761188782

Superior Quality Plate Heat Exchanger (M10B-1)

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Superior Quality Plate Heat Exchanger (M10B 1) photo short time heating systems

Plate Heat Exchanger (M10B-1)
1. Plate thickness: 0.5-1.0mm;
2. Connection Diameter: DN25-DN300;
3. Max working pressure: 13bar;
4. Max working temperature: 180C;
5. Plate materials: SUS304, 316, 316L, 310S, 904, TAi, TAi-Pd, C276, D205, B2G, Ni200 and 254MO (optional)
6. Plate type: BH and BV
7. Optional rubber material for sealing gasket: NBR, HNBR, EPDM, solvent EPDM, general flour rubber and special flour rubber
8. Applicable to heat supply, air conditioning, chemicals, machinery, metallurgy, steel medicines, food, oil field, shipbuilding and light industry
9. Customized specifications are accepted

Yangzhou Panstar Heat-Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd.
Rm. 413, Jinghui Plazza, No. 277,
Yangdong Rd., Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Province/State: Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 215001

Innovative Short Time Heating and Sterilisation Plant

Short Time Heating Systems Comments Off

Innovative Short Time Heating and Sterilisation Plant photo short time heating systems

Products which are used in the foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industry are subject to strict hygienic demands and have to be sterilized, normally; this means that the products are heated for a short time (according to demand) up to high temperatures, in order to eliminate germs.
We distinguish between direct steam and indirect sterilisation plants, which operate either continuous or discontinuous.

SPX Flow Technology Warendorf GmbH
Splieterstrasse 70 a
D-48231 Warendorf
Phone: +49 (0) 2581-63601-0
Fax:+49 (0) 2581-63601-20
E-Mail: info@extraction.de

Brazed Heat Exchanger

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Brazed Heat Exchanger photo short time heating systems

Brazed Heat Exchanger
Plate Arrangement
Standard plate arrangement forms two independent circuits running in alternate layers. The two fluids will flow in opposite directions (counter flow) to further enhance the exchange of heat. Special designed corrugated plates are used to increase the heat transfer coefficient and lower potential fouling.
Brazed Construction
The heat exchangers are brazed in a vacuum furnace and helium pressure tested to insure leak-free performance.
Two Compressor Technology
With the WCR 2C Series, Two compressor design has two independent refrigerant circuits, one on the left side and one on the right front side of the unit. The fluid side connections are on the reverse side, for easier access and chiller design. The 2C series heat exchanger is based on the principal of having two refrigerants “interlaced” or alternating between the fluid circuits, thus allowing full 100% refrigerant contact with the fluid side. So, when only one compressor operates, 100% of the fluid is being chilled (evaporator mode) or heated (condenser mode)

WCR Inc.
Midwest Region
6516 West Plank Road
Peoria, Illinois 61604
Fax (309) 697-0399
Phone (309) 697-0389

Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger

Short Time Heating Systems Comments Off

Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger photo short time heating systems

Plate Heat Exchangers consist of a number of very thin corrugated stainless steel heat transfer plates clamped together in a frame. Every second channel is open to the same fluid. Between each pair of plates there is a rubber gasket, which prevents the fluids from mixing and from leaking to the surroundings. Heat is thus transferred from the warm fluid to the colder fluid via the thin stainless steel plate. The corrugations support the plates against differential pressure and create a turbulent flow in the channels. In turn, the turbulent flow provides high heat transfer efficiency, making the plate heat exchanger very compact compared with the traditional shell-and-tube heat exchanger. In most cases the plate type heat exchanger is the most efficient heat exchanger. Generally it offers the best solution to heating and cooling applications since it can better handle the widest pressure and temperature limits.
Advantages of a plate heat exchanger are that they utilize the thinnest material for the heat transfer surface that in turn gives optimum heat transfer, since the heat only has to penetrate thin material. Also, there is a high turbulence in the medium that in turn gives a higher convection, which results in efficient heat transfer between the media. The consequence of this higher heat transfer coefficient per unit area is not only a smaller surface area requirement but also a more efficient process. The high turbulence also gives a self-cleaning effect. Therefore, when compared to the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, the fouling of the heat transfer surfaces is considerably reduced. This means that the plate heat exchanger can remain in service far longer between cleaning intervals. Since the plate heat exchanger consists of a framework of plates, more plates can easily be added to increase capacity, and the plates can easily be spread apart for cleaning.
Disadvantages of plate heat exchangers are their initial expense, they don’t work well under high pressure rates and they are not well suited for processing pulpy products or product with particulates. The corrugated plate causes contact points that are required for rigidity, and “pinch” points are created which allow for retention of the pulp and particulates. This effectively creates an undesirable filter. This limits your ability to process more than one type of product on a single system, such as orange juice with pulp and a clear fruit drink that must contain no pulp. Trying to keep the plate heat exchanger clean before running a new product can prove very difficult, if not impossible.

Genemco, Inc.
Administrative Offices
4455 Carter Creek Pkwy.
Bryan, TX 77802
Contact: Mark McMillan
Email: sales@genemco.com
Phone: 979-268-7447
Fax: 979-268-0102

Increasingly Popular Plate Heat Exchanger

Short Time Heating Systems Comments Off

Increasingly Popular Plate Heat Exchanger photo short time heating systems

A heat exchanger is a device that facilitates transfer of heat from one fluid to another. Some common types of heat exchangers are shell and tube, spiral, and plate heat exchangers.
An increasingly popular type is the plate heat exchanger, which consists of many thin plates pressed together. The plates are stamped with grooves, so when they are placed together, the grooves create spaces or channels for the fluids to move through. The hot fluid will pass through the space created between plates 1 and 2, while the cold fluid will move between plates 2 and 3, the hot fluid between plates 3 and 4, with this alternating pattern continuing for the whole heat exchanger.
The grooves are designed so that the fluid moves across the whole plate. This, combined with the large number of plates, creates a very large surface area. The grooves also ensure that the fluid is kept in a turbulent state. These two items both increase the rate of heat transfer, making the plate heat exchanger the most efficient style of heat exchanger.

BERG Chilling Systems Inc.
51 Nantucket Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M1P 2N5
Telephone:+01 (416) 755-2221
Fax:+01 (416) 755-3874
E-mail: bergsales@berg-group.com

Maximum Efficient Short Time Heating Plant

Short Time Heating Systems Comments Off

Maximum Efficient Short Time Heating Plant photo short time heating systems

Short Time Heating Plant. This task is achieved by thermal treatment of the product using a pasteurizer. The product is heated for a short time to the required temperature in a Short Time Heating Plant (STHT plant) and rapidly cooled down. Plate or tubular heat exchangers are the best choice for heating the product to the required pasteurization temperature. The optimal design of the heat treatment system depends initially on the properties of the product to be treated.

Voss-Strasse 11/13
31157 Sarstedt Germany
Tel +49-5066-990 0
Fax +49-5066-990 163
Buchen: Am Industriepark 2-10
21514 Buechen Germany
Tel +49-4155-49 0
Fax +49-4155-49 2724
Kruppstr. 3
48683 Ahaus Germany
Tel +49-2561-8602 0
Fax +49-2561-8602 130

Cow Fodder/ Feed Machinery

Silage And Fodder Units, Automatic Comments Off

Cow Fodder/ Feed Machinery photo silage and fodder units automatic

Cow feed machinery, fodder machinery.
animal feed machinery, cow feed machinery, sheep feed machinery, livestock machine.
our factory mainly produce various of complete set of animal feed machinery. we mainly produce processing feed machine contain hammer mill, horizontal ribbon mixer, waist drum-shape additive mixer, pellet mill, rotary serener, double deck cylindrical drun precleaner, drag converyor, bucket elevator, high pressure jet envelop filter dust collector and so on.
our product has got iso9001:2000 authentication of quality management system. and our products are mainly used to processing all kinds of poultry and livestock feed. for example: cow, pig, chicken, fish and other animal feed. we can also design and produce high quality machine, practical workshop according to the requirements of the customer.
if you are interested in our product, please contact us freely.
look forward to your earlier reply.

Shijiahzuang Sanheshengong Feed Machinery Co,. Ltd.
The middle of Xiwang Street Wuji Town
Hebei China
Tel:86- 311- 87038225
Mobile Phone:86 13931130122
Fax:86- 311- 87037468

Coarse Fodder Block Press Machine

Silage And Fodder Units, Automatic Comments Off

Coarse Fodder Block Press Machine photo silage and fodder units automatic

Coarse Fodder Block Press Machine
Suitable for all kinds of gramineous plants, pod-bearing plant, bush like forage and crop straws. The blocks can be used fodder, and other industry raw materials (such as paper mill or biomass fuel or fungus substrate, etc)/ as the block’s density is very high, it is convenient to ship and store and less waste during feeding. Nutrients and additives can be added into raw materials before pressing. The structure is simple and less defaults, easy to maintain and operate. The fodder blocks can be used for cow, sheep’s feed
4. Main technical parameters:
Motor: 15.75kW, 380V, 50Hz
Block section: 32*32mm*length
Density of blocks: 400_600kg/m3
Dimension: 1400/ 800/ 1000mm
Working capacity: 0.5 ton/hour

Chengdu Good Good International Trading Co., Ltd.
19, Unit 1, 8th Building,
No. 133 Cha Dianzi Main Street,
Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Province/State: Sichuan
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code:610032

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