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Stainless Steel Red Offal Carrier

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Stainless Steel Red Offal Carrier photo offal processing

Stainless Steel Red Offal Carrier. meat Equipment. Welcome to the MITCHELL FOOD EQUIPMENT homepage. We are able to offer a complete service to the food industry. Specializing in meat production we are able to offer the complete range of specialized items as needed within slaughterhouses and butcheries. Mitchell Food equipment are heavily involved in research and development to improve the overall standard within the industry. Considered leaders all our products comply to international standards.
Mitchell Food Equipment hold agencies from across the globe from protective wear to carcass cutting equipment, knives and animal stun devices.
Mitchell Food Equipment operate two fabrication workshops located at our head office in Kempton Park. One Stainless steel factory which produces our hygiene range of washbasins and boot washes as well as all the Stainless steel hooks and gambrels as well as special steels. The other Factory specializes in mild steel produces all items that are either hot galvanized or electro galvanized.

Country/Region: South Africa
Telephone: 27-27119724111

Red Offal Rack A Frame Type

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Red Offal Rack A Frame Type photo offal processing

Red Offal Rack A Frame Type
Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel,this Portable Rack us used for Hearts,Lungs,Livers,Kidneys or any edible product ,this rack is ideal as it is portable and can be moved into Chilling Room without any difficulty

Smisco Food Equipment Limited
Limerick Rd, Cork, Ireland
Ph Int (00 353) 25 84279
Fax Int (00 353) 25 84888
Mob 00353 (0) 87 2632046
Skype: smiscofoodequipment

Livestock Slaughtering Equipment

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Livestock Slaughtering Equipment photo other machines slaughterhouse equipment agriculture and food processing

Livestock Slaughtering equipment
pig slaughter house
cattle slaughter house
sheep slaughter house

Changshu Slaughterhouse Equipment Co., Ltd.
27 zhiwang road, dongbang town
City: Changshu
Province/State: Jiangsu
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 215534
Telephone: 86-512-52687265
Mobile Phone: 8613915606060
Fax: 86-512-52682299

Pig Slaughterhouse Machine Line

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Pig Slaughterhouse Machine Line photo other machines slaughterhouse equipment agriculture and food processing

Pig slaughterhouse machine line
We are the largest manufacturer of abattoir and slaughter equipment for big and small slaughtering house to process the animals such as cattle ,sheep ,poultry and pigs.
We are learning the tech of the advanced country such as Germany ,Holland and now have reached a higher level .
We have installed many completely slaughterhouse lines in china and in other countries.

Shan Dong – China
Simenshou road jiaozhou qingdao
Zip/Postal code: 266300
Phone: 86-0532-82202763
Fax: 86-0532-82202763
Contact Person: mirranda (trader)
Mobile: 0086 13791909143

Completely Portable Brower Offal Cart

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Completely Portable Brower Offal Cart photo offal processing

Brower Offal Cart. This offal cart is a handy accessory for use with eviscerating lines, tables or stationary eviscerating units. Use it to catch inedible offal. The perforated insert collects solids while liquids remain at the bottom. Completely portable with four (4) casters and handles. Offal Cart with insert and 4 Casters. 23″ wide x 34 1/2″ long x 32″ high (59 cm wide x 88 cm x 81 cm high). Perforated Insert. Having an extra insert for each cart is highly recommended. You will not have to slow down your eviscerating operation because you can quickly change inserts when one is full.

5156 Minton Road Northwest
Palm Bay, Florida 32907
321-837-1625 ( catalog and online division )
Fax: 321-837-1628
email: CustomerService@dblrsupply.com

White offal inspection conveyor

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White offal inspection conveyor photo offal processing

White offal inspection conveyor it is used to check the offal.

Jiangyin Aluminum Foil Packaging East Asia Co., Ltd.
No.28 Jiangong Road,
Changjing Town ,Jiangyin City
China (Mainland)
Telephone: 0086-510-86315968
Zip: 214411

Automatic centrifuge for washing red offals mod. LC10,LC15

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Automatic centrifuge for washing red offals  mod. LC10,LC15 photo offal processing

Automatic centrifuge for washing red offals
mod. LC10,LC15
This machine is designed to wash Red Offal’s (Hearts, Tongues, Spleens, Head Meat etc.). The centrifuge is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and is equipped with a pneumatic opening system for internal cleaning. It is supplied with an electric control panel with a stainless steel cabinet. The process cycle includes charging, washing, drying and discharging the animal byproduct. After the introduction of the byproduct in the charging hopper, the process can be made semiautomatic (the machine stops after each cycle) or automatic (the cycle starts again after the closing of the discharging door and its length can be controlled by timers).

Auf dem Tigge 60 b+c
D-59269 Beckum
Phone +49 2521 85070

Fully Automated Twin Hock Cutter

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Fully Automated Twin Hock Cutter photo hock cutters slaughterhouse equipment

Fully automated twin hock cutter moves out by a pneumatic cylinder to cut off Hind or Forelegs and returns for automatics sterilisation.
The auto hock cutter comes complete with hydraulic cutter, mounting plate and stainless steel enclosure for sterilizing. It is controlled via a PLC which comes supplied and programmed by ADL.

Approved Design Ltd
Coppice Side Industrial Estate
West Midlands
Tel: 01543 377033
Fax: 01543 377422

Robotic Beef Hock / Hoof Cutter

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Robotic Beef Hock / Hoof Cutter photo hock cutters slaughterhouse equipment

Robotic Beef Hock / Hoof Cutter
The Robotic Beef Hock/Hoof Cutter replaces the actions of current manual hock cutting operations for beef processing.
The system utilises a robot with integrated sensing to profile, detect and accurately cut.
Labour – 1 operators per working shift
Species – Beef
OH&S – reduced injuries and accidents
Increased Yield – accurate cuts referencing dew claws allow for better tendon recovery
Productivity – consistent, repeatable operations with reduced rework
Efficiencies – minimise waste, flexibility to change cut specifications
Hygiene – reduced contamination compared to manual operations

Machinery Automation and Robotics
Stuart Shaw – Innovations Manager
Phone: 02-9748 7001
Mobile: 0423 029 545
Email: sshaw@machineryautomation.com.au

Innovative Robotic Hock Cutter

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Innovative Robotic Hock Cutter photo hock cutters slaughterhouse equipment

The Robotic Hock Cutter is a robotic system that uses sensing technology and a robotic arm with attached cutting tool to remove the front and/or rear hocks automatically as the beef carcase moves along the chain.
The benefits of the Robotic Hock Cutter include:
Improved OH&S conditions for workers
Labour savings
Increased yield
Improved food safety
This technology is currently in the research phase as a joint development with MLA and MAR, due for completion end 2009.
More Information
The system consists of integrated sensing technology, a robot and cutting tool. This allows substitution of a human operator by an automated system doing the same beef hock cutting task.
Additionally, the project includes the design and manufacture of a proper stabilisation structure, so as to keep the carcase in a consistent position while it moves on the chain, hence allowing the correct sensing and hock cutting.
The system is intended to be fast enough to allow the cut of both hocks with only one robotic arm at the maximum chain speed of 240 head/hour.

Meat & Livestock Australia
Head Office
Level 1, 165 Walker Street,
North Sydney,
NSW 2060
Postal address
Locked Bag 991,
North Sydney 2059
General enquiries
Tessa Cousins
Tel: 02 9463 9333 Fax: 02 9463 9182
Email: redmeatinnovation@mla.com.au

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