Bucyrus jumbo drill photo jumbo drillsBucyrus jumbo drills combine proven, rugged design, easy operation and reliable drilling components. The result is faster cycle times, increased production and reduced per-ton costs. Each model includes electric or diesel power options. One and two boom models are offered to meet the demands of varied applications. The range of Bucyrus jumbo drills also includes shaft jumbos for shaft sinking operations and special jumbos for the use in tunnel excavations.

Key Features
The smaller carrier, the boom extensions and parallelism, allows for nearly 10% more face coverage
Proven durable and higly maneuverable. The articulated design and compact size makes them ideal for maneuvering and set up in tight spaces
Components location is designed for quick access and ample space
Variable displacement, compensated pumps reduses energy loss

Rock Drill
Hydraulic drifter provides high performance drilling with low operating cost
Drill has the fewest internal parts for less wear and easy maintenance
Field Serviceable drills eliminating lenghty and costly repairs and maximizing uptime

Designed for rollover 270/360 degrees permitting the operator more flexibility and coverage

Replaceable stainless steel wear strips to protect from wear
Innovative retainer clips provide simple & quick installation of replacements
Simplifies design reduced schedule pm times by 75%
Combination of aluminum cradle and steel mounts create a light and durable assembly
Uniques foot adapter system prevents wear to the bottom of the feed rail

Bucyrus International, Inc.
6744 S. Howell Ave.
Oak Creek, WI, USA 53154

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