BAADER 444 Heading and Gutting Machine photo fish gutting machinesThe BAADER 444 is the perfect choice for heading and gutting of cod, saithe (pollock) and haddock and yellowtail tuna.

With its unique revolving technique, the machine is designed to increase the throughput, maximise yield, avoid unnecessary burden for the operator and to fulfill latest hygiene standards.

Features and Benefits:
- The heading tool leaves the collarbone undamaged. Thus, the fish is perfectly suitable for being processed to saltfish
- The symmetric belly cut allows best saltfish quality.
- Due to its heading technique, the machine does not require the fishto pre-bleed
- The fish is pushed into the machine directly from one side, without the need of the operator to lift it
- The BAADER 444 accepts fish with and without head
- The gutting tools remove viscera without unnecessary damage
- Through separate outputs, heads and guts are removed without contaminating the trunks
- Through its open design and removable fish clamps, the machine can easily be cleaned.
- In connection with BAADER 434 Heading Machine the BAADER 444 can also process headed and gutted fish without collarbone on the trunk

Technical Data
- Fish species: Cod, Saithe (Pollock), Haddock and Yellowtail Tuna
- Input:
- fish with or without bleeding cut
- headed, ungutted fish (from BAADER 434 – collarbone on the head)
- Final product:
- headed and gutted trunks (collarbone on the trunk)
- gutted fish , head on
- headed and gutted fish (from BA 434, without collarbone)
- Working range:
BA 444: 50-90 cm/1-7 kg
BA 444 small: 40-75 cm/0.5-3 kg
BA 444 Yellowtail: 50-90 cm/3.5-9 kg
BA 444 Big Cod: max. 90 cm/5-9 kg
- Throughput:
BA 444: 15-32 fish/min
BA 444 small: 15-35 fish/min
BA 444 Yellowtail: 15-25 fish/min
BA 444 Big Cod: 15-25 fish/min
Speed is continuously adjustable
- Operator: 1 person
- Water: approx. 25 l/min
- Power: approx. 5,25 kW
- Weight: approx. 1,500 kg

Nordischer Maschinenbau
Rud. Baader GmbH + Co.KG
Postfach1102 • D-23501 Lübeck
Tel.: +49/451/5302-0
Fax: +49/451/5302-492

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